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Focus on Quality

Quality is one of our values and can be seen in every aspect of life at RSLC – from the lesson plans & curriculum to the nutritional standards to the level of FUN each child has here daily.  Our vision is for RSLC to be a safe place for children, parents, and staff alike.  We are a family and we will celebrate with our families in times of triumph and pray with them in times of struggle. 

Taking Care of Our Families 

Since meeting the needs of working families is our purpose, we offer a few things here at RSLC that may be difficult to find elsewhere.  

  • Full and part-time enrollments are available at all ages, including infants and toddlers. Part-time is defined as full days, just not five days per week.

  • No hourly limitations apply to our part-time enrollees.

  • Providing our own baby food made in-house from fresh fruits and vegetables as well.

  • In-house Christ-Centered Curriculum & Atmosphere. 

  • Philosophies of meeting kids where they are & working with parents as partners

Want to learn more about our Programs? Give us a call:

South Kanas City (816) 997-9030

Louisburg (913) 837-3333

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